and training Drivers

...a Parade, an Exhibition event...

We're ready for the show ring...
Training for Success
Countless hours of
ground work go into the
training of our teams.  
Prince Edward and
LumberJack get in some
training while readying a
field for spring planting.  
First, the ground work.
Here, Grand daughter Makayla demonstrates our horses' first
harness lesson while earning awards at the County Fair.  First, the
horse learns to step into the load.

Later comes reining with the load, and learning to work together.
From ground work we move to training in the
arena, where we also train young drivers the art
of reining.  Our grand son, BJ, learned to drive at
the advanced age of seven    
Then miles and miles of road work.  Our driving
horses learn about traffic a little at a time on a
local back road.